Jet Black Racing

Jet Black Racing - Producer Toby Wright

“Jet Black Racing” is a joining of two vastly different high energy worlds. Motorsport Racing, and Rock n Roll. The project began life in early 2011 as founder / shred-metal guitarist, Dan Fastuca enlisted some of his friends to help in the creation of the team. Friend like the winningest sports car racer in history Johnny O’Connell, and Europe’s winningest driver Jan Magnussen. Together, Fastuca, his “friends” and Danish driver Anders Majgaard, made his team a reality. With the team in place and participating competitively in the worlds largest and most grueling races, the band was soon to follow.

Forging the foundation of the band, Fastuca enlisted one of his close friends, singer, Erik Leonhardt. The formula was simple, Start writing some adrenalin based music, using fast cars and the fearless world of racing as their main inspiration. Shortly after, the help of another friend, Producer, Toby Wright was procured. Wright’s influence went beyond that of “producer” as he quickly became a full blown member of the team, recruiting bass player Marcello (Cello) Dias, and subsequently, virtuoso drummer Patrick Johansson. With a lineup in place (including Wright) who collectively have been instrumental in selling tens of millions of albums worldwide, the goal of writing a full cd of heavy, yet commercially viable music was achieved.

The Album release in 2012 will be followed up with a huge touring campaign as this “promotion machine” takes to the road, leading them through all the excitement that is the joining of these two awesome entities, who share the brand known as “Jet Black Racing”!

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